Three Benefits to Water Aeration in Residential Ponds

Having a pond in the backyard is a great way to add aesthetic appeal. Water completely changes the landscaping, allowing for all sorts of variations and additions to the space. Also, with the help of, it is possible to create an ideal environment for fish that are looking to call a pond their home. When planning out a pond, it is important to decide if the water will be aerated. Here are three reasons why aeration is well worth the investment.

Keeps Up Aesthetics

No one wants a pond in the yard that looks like it isn’t well maintained. Murky, green water can take away from the appearance of the space and leave a homeowner frustrated. Aeration tends to reduce the amount of algae that lives in a pond, ensuring that the water and the surrounding area look great. The investment of an aeration system is well worth the cost in order to keep the pond looking beautiful.

Creates the Ideal Living Space for Certain Types of Fish

It’s easy to assume that fish don’t need oxygen because they can’t live outside of the water. But in reality, there is a real need for some oxygen in the water for certain types of fish to have the ideal environment. This is especially true for fish that live in warmer water, including ponds located in a person’s yard. Instead of being confined to only one part of the pond, aeration adds to the amount of space a fish can enjoy.

Decreases the Need for Pond Treatments

Just like pools, ponds need the water conditions to be a certain way in order to keep the system running smoothly. Without enough oxygen, ponds can begin to experience lower levels of water quality. This means that everything from the pH to the alkalinity needs to be monitored. When these things are off, it can create the kind of conditions that require a pond treatment in order to get the water and the pond back to a high quality condition. These treatments aren’t cheap and can require a lot of work. Aeration decreases the need for these types of treatments.